VICE is a scalable product designed to train cognitive skills needed by military, homeland security, and law enforcement personnel in confronting and resolving potential and actual conflict scenarios, in developed environments.  VICE enables initial and sustainment training of individual and team skills associated with the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) of squad and fire team maneuvering and engagement; supporting various situations from large scale conflicts in an urban and jungle operations environments, to small scale civilian crime.   VICE provides realistic training through the integration of patent pending technologies along with high fidelity immersive virtual environments, realistic simulated weapons with wireless data-link devices, team communications devices, and real-time translation of student actions into the running scenario,  all supported by PC hardware. The wireless-enabled appendable weapons controller provides a key capability for students to seamlessly control their own movement through the virtual environments.

VICE is an instructor-controlled training simulation system to train individuals and teams using an immersive, collaborative, virtual training environment. The system allows individual students to interact, move and communicate within the virtual environment.  The system supports movement though the use of simulated weapons controllers or controllers appended to real weapons.  The virtual system allows the instructor and all the team members to communicate with each other within the virtual environment.  The instructor can modify the virtual environment and training scenario in real-time.  The system provides real-time data capture of all the interactions in the virtual environment to provide a complete After Action Review capability which is controlled similarly to a video playback device including the capability to bookmark time-stamps and locations during scenario execution and during AAR for ease of access.  The instructor can use a Scenario Editor to create and save new base scenarios for particular training needs.  The system also provides an observer station to allow viewing the scenario in progress from any viewpoint, including free-fly and tracking modes.  The system tracks the magazines and ammo for the simulated weapons within the virtual environment, to allow for different load-out characteristics of individual magazines, and simulates weapon malfunctions and monitors malfunction clearing.  The system supports training with real weapons within the training environment.