The JTAGSS program is an ongoing research and development effort for the US Air Force to develop a capability for training the Command and Control (C2) personnel of the Theater Air Ground System (TAGS).

JTAGSS is comprised of a system of systems simulation that simulates, stimulates, and emulates the C2 environment and correlated synthetic battlespace supporting the JTAC, Air Support Operations Center (ASOC) and the Air Operations Center (AOC).  This complex, distributed system of systems employs technologies such as intelligent agents with natural language interaction capability through speech, chat, and e-mail; intelligent agent control of SAF entities; and C2 data and system stimulation.


With JTAGSS, a single ASOC role such as the Air Tasking Order Manager (ATOM), Air Space Manager (ASM), Joint Air Request Network (JARN) operator, etc, can receive training in a theater-immersive environment with or without supporting human-in-the-loop participants.  JTAGSS intelligent agents take the place of their human counterparts as necessary to fill the missing roles required to complete a mission.  Thus if an ASOC ATOM wants training, but there are no other persons available for training, the ATOM can still train using agent-driven JARN, Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), Pilots, and all the other roles necessary to complete the theater.

The JTAGSS Spiral I research and development efforts have focused on the training of C2 personnel in the command, control, and execution chain between the JTAC and the ASOC.  The live training roles currently supported by the JTAGSS Spiral I prototype system include the following:

Air Support Operations Center(ASOC) Personnel Roles

  • ASM
  • ATOM
  • JARN - Digital
  • JARN - Voice
  • Procedural Controller (PC) - 1&2
  • Intelligent Duty Officer/Technician  (IDO/T)

Supporting Roles

  • Brigade/Battalion (BDE/BN) Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

The additional intelligent agent roles provided by JTAGSS to complete the immersive theater environment include:

  • Pilots
  • BDE/BN Ground Commander
  • BDE/BN Army Airspace Command and Control (AC2)
  • BDE/BN Army Fires Cell (FC)
  • AOC Close Air Support Duty Officer (CASDO)
  • AOC Senior Intelligence Duty Officer (SIDO)

JTAGSS also provides stimulation of the battlefield C2 systems employed by the ASOC and TACP, which include:

  • Falconview

The mission areas supported by JTAGSS Spiral I include Preplanned CAS (CAS), Immediate CAS (XCAS), and Troops in Contact (TIC).

One of two JTAGSS Spiral I prototype testbeds has been installed at the Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL) Mesa Research Site for further evaluation and exploration.  DAS is continuing to work with AFRL on enhancements to the JTAGSS Spiral I capability.