The JTAC VT is a fully immersive simulator that supports the training of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) in the mission areas of Close Air Support (CAS), Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD), and Call for Fire (CFF). The simulation provides a 360-degree visual field of view, high-fidelity emulations of Battlefield Airman Operations (BAO) Toolkit equipment, real radio communications, and a high fidelity SAF simulation of both threat and asset entities. This environment encapsulates the JTAC, enabling him to perform his duties as if he were on a live training range, or deployed at a forward observation point.


While working for the Air Force Research Laboratory training effectiveness wing (711 HPW/RH), DAS lead the effort to enhance the initial proof-of-concept prototype JTAC VT to a fully capable research exemplar system capable of supporting warfighter training effectiveness research. This effort included system capabilities analysis to establish baseline system capabilities, Joint Operational Requirements Document (JORD) requirements analysis, SME interviews, System Design, and feature development integration, and test. The targeted areas of improvement for this effort included significant Instructor Operator Station (IOS) enhancement to provide the capabilities to initiate, monitor, and support the CAS, SEAD, and CFF missions; adding a Brief/Debrief System; upgrading the DMO Interface (enhancing DIS Interoperability), and integrating upgraded BAO Toolkit items and functionality. The enhanced JTAC VT is in use at the AFRL Mesa Research Site in Mesa, AZ.