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VICE - Where Gaming Meets Training

The Virtual Interactive Combat Environment

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The Virtual Interactive Combat Environment

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About DAS

Dynamic Animation Systems, Inc. is dedicated to development of distributed, interactive, and immersive applications and infrastructures for defense, training, and entertainment. Founded in 1995, DAS has Corporate Headquarters in Fairfax, VA and offices in Chantilly, Maryland and Orlando. The Fairfax office occupies 16,000 square feet of office, computer, conferencing, storage, and software development spaces, including development labs equipped with visualization systems, network nodes, and human computer interfaces for both training systems and gaming applications. In addition, dedicated space is provided for development and testing of human-immersive simulation based training environments. A separate 8000 square foot facility in Virginia houses our award winning Modeling and Simulation development activities. In addition to the various M&S infrastructure tools developed and used by DAS, our software infrastructure includes the suite of DAS-developed PC-based game engines, graphics pipelines, visualization systems, numerous COTS software applications for project management, standard office applications, terrain database development, AI character development, deployment, and 3D game development on PC, Xbox, and Wii gaming systems.


DAS has consistently been a technology leader in PC-based, advanced 3D graphics and virtual environment creation and visualization. DAS has developed PC based simulation and training solutions for the Department of Interior, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense. Some of these systems include those developed for the US Forrest Service and FEMA in the area of Wildland Fire Fightertraining and Incident Commander training. These systems are currently deployed at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD and Wildland Firefighting training facilities at the Federal and State levels throughout the United States. DAS has also developed simulation-based training systems for the DHS that have been fielded since February 2005.


DAS is organized into four major technical divisions: Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Products, and Training Systems. These groups have been established to efficiently and effectively execute our various domain-specific programs or tasks. DAS has excelled in our ability to develop layered products that work synergistically together to empower us to consistently solve our customers’ most technically challenging problems. Our programs continue to deliver superior solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers.


DAS is committed to providing outstanding simulation, training, and gaming products and services to our customers. Our goal is to work with you to provide a complete solution to you and your customers in whatever way makes the most sense for you – as a product vendor, a prototype developer, or the simulation and/or graphics experts throughout your entire project. With an ever-growing presence in the commercial gaming market, DAS is at the nexus of where gaming and graphics technology meet with the needs of training and simulation. We are confident that after working together we will become your simulation partner of choice – the partner that helps you succeed in bringing the full power of distributed simulation and gaming, and immersive 3D environments to your applications and systems.