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VICE - Where Gaming Meets Training

The Virtual Interactive Combat Environment

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The Virtual Interactive Combat Environment

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The Virtual Interactive Combat Environment



The Virtual Interactive Combat Environment (VICE) is a scalable, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product which is designed to train the cognitive skills needed by military, homeland security, and law enforcement personnel in confronting and resolving potential and actual conflict within urban, suburban, and rural environments.  VICE enhances individual and collective task training at the small unit level (Buddy Team to Platoon) focusing on Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (Engage Targets with Assigned Weapon, Perform Voice Communications, React to Contact-Small Arms, RPGs and IEDs etc.), and real world missions in the Contemporary Operating Environment. (Counterinsurgency, Counter IED, Tactical Site Exploitation, Cordon and Search etc.) VICE provides realistic training through the integration of patent pending technologies along with high-fidelity immersive virtual environments, realistic simulated un-tethered weapons used as wireless controllers, team communications devices, and real-time translation of student actions into the running scenario.  The wireless-enabled weapon controllers provide a key capability for students to seamlessly control their own movement through the environment while remaining unencumbered by wires or wearable computer equipment.  The large fixed-frame projection display provides realism and immersion factors without the use of cumbersome, expensive, and dangerous head mounted display (HMD) devices that significantly increase the risk of simulator sickness and prevent critical cheek-to-stock weld Soldier-weapon-optic interaction. VICE is available as a portable installed system that can be disassembled and transported to another location, or as a trailer based mobile system.


The main components of VICE are the Student Stations, the Instructor Station, and the Observer Station.  These components are assembled into an Army Squad9 configuration to meet the specific training needs of the Army and National Guard.  The VICE Squad 9 can be customized and include on-site system installation and set-up.  VICE is delivered with a set of synthetic environment databases and scenarios configured for force-on-force training exercises. The Instructor Station enables the creation and dynamic alteration of an unlimited number of scenarios within a given synthetic environment database.


Student Station 

The Student Station is the operating space for each student within VICE  It is comprised of a three-sided, rectangular, roofed enclosure (6’ wide by 9’ deep by 8’ high) with a top-mounted display projector and a screen mounted at the closed end.  This provides isolation of the real-world peripheral view while presenting a bright and clear 75 inch-diagonal image to immerse the student in the virtual world as well as allows the student to move or assume different stances within the lane.  The instantaneous Field of View (FOV) into the virtual environment for each student station can be set to 60° horizontal x 45° vertical, however this instantaneous FOV can display any possible orientation within the virtual environment (360° x 180° Field of Regard) using the un-tethered wireless weapon’s embedded input controls.  The Student Station enclosure also provides the Infra-Red (IR) sensor environment for the shot detection system and the wireless data-link receiver for the simulated weapon.  Student Station enclosures are modular in design and can stand alone or be connected in various team configurations.  The VICE Student Station utilizes Dolby 5.1 speaker systems to provide the highest fidelity 3D specialized sound effects and cues.


The VICE Student Station Application software immerses each student in a shared virtual training environment where they function as an individual, but collaborate as a team.  Indoor and outdoor environments contain rich detail with realistic lighting and shadows.  Team members (consisting of soldiers, Infantry, Rangers, Special Operations Forces and Coalition Forces), OPFOR, and non-combatants move throughout the environment as detailed animated 3D characters with a wide variety of physical features, sizes, and clothing.


VICE wireless (un-tethered) weapon controllers are realistic simulations of the standard military weapons with appended and integrated components to allow for full student interaction with the VICE training device.  The use of realistic wireless weapons which allow cheek-to-stock weld postures and increases the immersion for students while reinforcing reflexive fire, muzzle control, reloading, fire selector switch usage, SPORTS, and other critical weapon muscle memory skills.  Providing individual movement controls forces students to communicate with each other, maintain full 360° security, scan for threats, and seek cover.


Instructor/Operator and Observer Stations

The VICE Instructor Station offers mission briefing, scenario control, and After Action Review (AAR) capabilities.  Using the Scenario Editor Application, instructors create and modify behavioral and environmental scripts ahead of time to meet the training goals.  During training, the Instructor Application allows instructors to move about freely within the virtual environment in a “Stealth” or “Bird’s Eye View” mode to monitor the progress of students and bookmark events for AAR.   In addition to pre-scripted scenarios, (which may be useful for baseline testing, etc.) instructors are able to modify the scenario on the fly, increasing the effectiveness of training by forcing the students to react to the situation and not simply memorize the scenario.  Instructors can take control over any character to provide an extra level of variability in the opposing forces (OPFOR), or provide assistance to a fire team.  Additionally, instructors have access to a wide variety of real-time controls (e.g., move or place new artificial intelligence (AI) entities, place/remove/detonate various IED types, drop artillery on a location, etc.) via a user-extensible, context sensitive, pop-up menu system.  This on-the-fly scenario editing provides the instructor the very powerful ability to tailor the training to the specific choices and reactions of the students as the scenario progresses.  The image above shows the Instructor Station and an example of the MultiViewer display for the instructor to monitor the current view of each student.

The VICE Observer Station provides an independent user-controllable 3D window into live scenarios. The free-fly camera can be controlled locally at the Observer Station, or remotely from the Instructor Station. In addition to a God’s-eye-view for observing the scenario from any position and/or angle, the Observer station can also ‘attach’ to players and follow them from a 3rd person perspective.  This station provides the Instructor, or other observers, with an overview of the unfolding scenario with just a quick glance.



Actor Station

The VICE Actor Station allows individuals to participate in a training event as a dismounted, mounted, or support avatar, as well as functioning as a Driving Station for the controllable vehicles.  The VICE Actor Station is a PC based, networked computer workstation that can be used for a variety of functions, such as running a SAF system, controlling individuals (un-tethered) or teams (tethered) in the virtual training environment, Forward Air Controller (FAC), or other support function.  The VICE Actor Station provides both a 3D camera view as well as a 2D orthographic camera view.


Quotes from users of VICE:

“You can always tell the difference between those who have used VICE and those who haven't, a private told me. That's because, he said, VICE-trained soldiers have better communications skills, both verbal and nonverbal.”

From an interview of IET Soldiers at Ft. Benning in
“Where technology helps Army recruits train”
CNET News - July 2008
“I learned more in two hours [on VICE] than in 14 weeks of training,” a basic training Soldier said. “Everything I heard in the classroom made sense when I got in here.”
From an interview of IET Soldiers at Ft. Benning in
“The potential is amazing”
The Bayonet - August 2007

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Events with VICE on display:

Upcoming Events



Past Events

    I/ITSEC 2012 (Dec. 3-6 in Orlando, FL) - Booth 1401
     AUSA 2012 (Oct. 22-24 in Washington, DC) - Booth 7705
     IACP 2012 (Sep. 29 - Oct. 3 in San Diego, CA)
     Maneuver Conference 2012 (Sep. 17-20 in Columbus, GA)
     NGAUS 2012 (Sep. 9-12 in Reno, NV)

      I/ITSEC 2011 (Nov. 28 - Dec. 1 in Orlando, FL) - Booth 1201
      Maneuver Conference 2011 (Sep 13-15 in Columbus, GA)
      NGAUS 2011 (Aug 26-26 in Milwaukee, WI)
      I/ITSEC 2010 (Nov. 29 - Dec. 2 in Orlando, FL) - Booth 1201
      Infantry Conference 2010 (Sep 13-15 in Columbus, GA)
      NGAUS 2010 (Aug 21-23 in Austin, TX)
      VA National Guard Association Conference 2010 (Apr. 23-25 in Williamsburg, VA) 
      I/ITSEC 2009 (Nov. 30 - Dec. 3 in Orlando, FL) - Booth 809
      Infantry Conference 2009 (Columbus, GA)
      NGAUS 2009 (Sep 11-13 in Nashville, TN)
      Showcase for Commerce 2009 (May 28-29 in Johnstown, PA) - Booth 173
      OLETC Mock Prison Riot 2009 (May 3-6 in Moundsville, WV)
      I/ITSEC 2008 (Dec. 1-4 in Orlando, FL)
      OLETC Mock Prison Riot 2008
      I/ITSEC 2007
      IACP 2007
      Infantry Conference 2007
      OLETC Mock Prison Riot 2007
      GovSec 2007
      SHOT Show 2007
      I/ITSEC 2006
      IACP 2006
      NGAUS 2006
      Infantry Conference 2006
      Trexpo East 2006
      Congressional M&S Exhibition 2006
      Enforcement Expo 2006
      AGAUS 2006
      GovSec 2006
      Trexpo West 2006
      SHOT Show 2006
      I/ITSEC 2005 (Official Launch of V.I.C.E.)

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